Week1 Physical Infographic Process

First idea.

Magic: the Gathering – How to play infographic

For this idea, I would like to design a spread sheet which shows the functions of Magic card and how to play this game. It might be helpful for new players or players who just started playing Magic: the Gathering.

This will be used for Magic: the Gathering monthly magazine.



Second idea,

For the 2nd idea, I would like to present a most famous Korean dish, Bibimbap.

Obesity is being a serious problem for most of Americans, and they do need a clean and natural food such as Bibimbap. It will be two spreads magazine pages for a healthy and natural food magazine.



Third idea,

3rd one would be about Virtual Reality hardware infographic.

What it is, how it works and how to use will be the main information it will show.

It’s a new type of hardware, mostly for gaming and watching clips.




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